SymKey for EZ-CAP® Authorizations Module

Key Features

Update Auth Header

SymKey can update any of the following from the Authorization Detail Line on an existing Auth record:

  • Auth Statuses
  • Auth Dates
  • Member, Provider and Vendor IDs
  • Requested and Authorized Units
  • Diagnosis Codes
  • And most other codes

Update Auth Detail

SymKey can change the values of most detail line fields, including:

  • Service Type
  • Service Code and Procedure Grouping
  • NDC Code
  • Modifiers
  • Requested and Authorized Quantities
  • Adjustment and Final Adjustment Codes
  • And other codes and values

Update Other Auth Fields

SymKey can update all User Defined Fields and Memo Lines, and add Auth Notes.

Add Auths and Details

  • SymKey can add auths from scratch and copy existing auths
  • SymKey can add auth detail lines to existing auths

Auto-Approve Auth

SymKey can update the Auth status to Approved such as direct referrals that don’t require authorization.

UM Delegation Routing

SymKey can update the Auth status and add denial language to a note to quickly route the auth to the appropriate UM team for final review.

Extend Auth Dates

SymKey can change an auth’s expiration date to extend the auth.

Add an Auth

SymKey can enter an auth from scratch or utilize EZ-CAP’s Copy Header function. For example, to enter a companion Professional auth to go along with a Facility auth already in the system or to reissue an expired auth.

Modify an Auth

SymKey can add a detail line with a down-coded service code, such as lower level of care.

Add additional Auth Lines

SymKey can add additional detail lines such as adding X-ray and follow up to an Ortho consult or adding follow up visits to a Home Health evaluation.

Wayne Johnson

Asst. VP, Product Client Development and Sales


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