A Call to Purposeful Leadership

As a President & CEO, I’m calling on our country’s elected officials to lead with purpose and passion. One of the many values that HCIM’s culture is built upon is the need for “Purposeful Work” and “Purposeful Leadership.” We define Purposeful Work as the need to serve a cause greater than ourselves, to connect with the beneficiaries of our work, and finding meaning in our relationships, both professional and personal. We continuously seek out ways to interact with our customers, both internal and external, to help us recognize the value and benefit of our work. Other times we focus on seeking out and building long term and enduring relationships with our customers and business affiliates. I always tell our customers and colleagues that in the end, it’s all about people doing business with people that they respect, relying on each other’s integrity, and trusting that they will do what they say they will. By practicing these beliefs every day, our colleagues are able to achieve Purposeful Work.

Purposeful Leadership is another cornerstone of HCIM’s culture and is defined simply as integrity, ethics, honesty, and effectiveness. These four words define what we strive for as leaders, both as HCIM Leadership as well as in the communities where we live, work, and visit. These four simple words describe a journey, not a destination, that each of the leaders at HCIM work to demonstrate on a daily basis. Yes, we still make mistakes and occasionally drop the ball. We’re only human. However, everyone at HCIM is passionately committed to consistently delighting our customers and delivering a World Class Experience in every interaction.

In today’s troubling times, both in this great country of ours and across this ever shrinking world economy, I’d like to call for a greater sense of “Servant Leadership” within all levels of our government (federal, state and local). We can all clearly see the lack of Servant Leadership and Purposeful Work in our government, regardless of political party. Between the recent presidential primaries and the general election race, as well as Congress’ complete failure to reach across party lines, we must require Servant Leadership and Purposeful Work from our politicians! These two simple yet powerful values can positively impact and forever change our country. Please stand with me in this call to lead by example and demonstrate humility, purpose, honesty, and integrity.