SymKey Virtual Auto Post

Automate Posting of Virtual Examiner® Edits

SymKey Virtual Auto-Post (VAP) was co-developed with PCG Software and seamlessly integrates with Virtual Examiner.  Once Virtual Examiner (VE) Virtual Reporter (VR) generates detailed claim edit recommendations, these edits are applied to the claims automatically by VAP according to clients business rules.  


Automated posting of edits

Leveraging the Intelligent Robotic Process Automation capabilities of SymKey, the Virtual Auto-Post solution seamlessly integrates with Virtual Examiner, enhancing its efficiency by automating the posting of error corrections to your core claims system. This saves time spent manually fixing claims and helps to ensure that errors are corrected and tracked so savings are realized.

VE/VR to SymKey VAP Workflow

Step 1


Virtual Examiner Review

Claims are pulled from the claims system according to a client preferred schedule

Step 2


VE/VR Claim Validation

The selected claims are validated against the VE engine and its over 30 million edits. Once validated a file is generated and sent to VAP.

Step 3


VAP Auto-Post to Claims

VAP automatically picks up the file and processes the individual claims in the batch

Customize this workflow for your business needs.

Virtual Examiner

Virtual Examiner, PCG Software’s flagship product, monitors the internal claims process of an organization to trend provider data for fraudulent and abusive billing patterns, and maximizes financial recoveries.

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