Are you ready for the Open Enrollment Scramble?

As we all know, preparing for all of the configuration updates surrounding Open Enrollment every year can be a huge drain on your staff’s time. Not only do they need to manage their current workload, but they also have to dedicate focused time on analyzing, documenting, and configuring all of the new or updated benefit terms. Generally, this requires current staff to work overtime for extended periods in addition to the inevitable scramble to reassign resources from other projects and departments to help alleviate some of the burden. This common strategy is effective, although it often leads to:

  • Slower turnaround times
  • Missed deadlines
  • Potential noncompliance
  • Retroactively updating/reprocessing claims
  • Reduced quality of work
  • Diminished customer service
  • Staff burnout

So how exactly can you complete the additional workload both accurately and on schedule, while avoiding the Open Enrollment Scramble and staff burnout? HCIM’s trained consultants are prepared to step in and manage the process, including:

  • Benefit plan summary analysis
  • Creating design documents
  • Updating new and existing benefit terms
  • Testing to ensure quality assurance
  • Migration to your production environment

Our consultants are fully equipped with industry-specific knowledge and years of experience, so they’re quick to get up to speed, already know how to read benefit plan summaries, and can utilize proven testing methodologies. HCIM’s Performance Assurance Pledge ensures that we’ll configure your benefits to the defined specifications the first time or we’ll fix it for free. This will allow your current staff to focus on day-to-day operations and help maintain your high level of customer service.

Our experienced resources are here when you need them and in most cases you can utilize the same HCIM consultant year after year, resulting in increased efficiency and a deeper knowledgebase. It’s like using the same tax preparer every year – it’s seamless and minimizes client effort.

If you’re ready to knock out Open Enrollment this year and avoid the annual scramble, complete the contact form located on the sidebar.