Automate Routine Tasks to Increase Employee Efficiency

HCIM’s SymKey® Kwik Actions™ application increases the efficiency and productivity of Claims Operations staff by automating routine tasks within and around their health care benefit administration system.  Kwik Actions are custom developed “hotkeys” that users may utilize on demand to perform a predetermined set of screen navigation steps (keystrokes, mouse clicks, screen navigation and database queries) within a few seconds.

Examples of Configured Kwik Actions:

  • Display a scanned claim image
  • Display a scanned authorization image
  • Display a UM Referral Slip report and invoke fax page and faxing out through a server
  • Eligibility
  • Eligibility: Authorization search
  • Eligibility: Claims search
  • Eligibility: Note entry
  • Eligibility: Primary care physician search
  • Eligibility research on Health Plan site and capture Webpage image

Kwik Actions can even automate processes across multiple applications.

For example:
The Display Scanned Claim/Auth Image Kwik Actions can display a scanned image in the benefit administration software and retrieve images in a separate imaging system.
Note: an added benefit is that the solution cuts down on the cost of seat licenses for 3rd party imaging software.

These are only a few of the processes that can be performed with Kwik Actions, but the possibilities are endless, as any set of repetitive manual steps in a software application is a candidate for Kwik Actions. For more information, please complete the form on the sidebar.