Streamlining Provider Data

Case Study: Streamlining Provider Data Management with the New SymKey for EZ-CAP Provider Module

Maintaining Provider Data accuracy is one of the most common challenges for payers in the healthcare industry, and good reason. It can be overwhelming and, at times, very challenging to keep up with constant weekly and monthly changes to ensure that data is updated promptly, especially when it’s a large provider data update. But as difficult as it may be, it’s essential that a payer updates provider records as quickly and efficiently as possible, and an inability to do so is a major concern. To address this need, HCIM has taken our trusted IntelliRPA® automation beyond the claims module and now SymKey robots can be tasked with these critical provider record updates. We are excited to share the production data from our SymKey for EZ-CAP Provider Module Early Adopter. This data demonstrates how this powerful tool impacted the data management process for one large health plan.

Production Data Analysis

Below is a graph outlining the Request Type and Volume for the following requests:

January - March 2023 Data

Row LabelsSum of Total Records
adding email address9
adding new location2360
adding phone and fax numbers2634
updating phone and fax numbers274

Grand Total


As you can see, the numbers are impressive.

The Downside of Manual Data Process Management

For many healthcare organizations, provider updates are a tedious, manual process that can take weeks to complete or even longer, depending on how many Health plans and Company IDs need to be maintained.

As an example of how time-consuming this process can be when done manually, let’s take the first entry under Provider Action Request, “Adding phone/fax numbers.” 

Even a request as simple as this will take a provider specialist two minutes to update a single provider record. If the request includes 1362 provider records, as requests often do, then this task would require the specialist to spend a total of 2,724 minutes — the equivalent of two weeks’ work — of tedious and boring work that can be prone to human error.

In contrast, this task was completed in 4 hours and 15 minutes minutes using SymKey.

Below is a SymKey Robot Productivity report outlining the results for different batches that were processed.

Total RecordsDuration of TimeProvider Action Request
13624 hours 15 minutesadding phone/fax numbers to an existing provider record
12723 hours 9 minutesadding phone/fax numbers to an existing provider record
4901 hour 50 minutesadding new location
26156 minutesadding new location
23539 minutesadding new location
21636 minutesadding new location
16254 minutesadding new location
15145 minutesadding new location
10839 minutesadding new location
10839 minutesadding new location
10733 minutesadding new location
10324 minutesadding new location to an existing provider record
10019 minutesadding new location to an existing provider record

The Early Adopter client used the SymKey Robot to “Add” and “Update” new values to an existing provider record, making a time-consuming process easier and much more efficient.

How can my organization streamline our provider data processes?

SymKey automation has helped reduce stress and give our clients peace of mind. HCIM has been helping optimize our clients’ operations since 2000. With the new addition of our SymKey for EZ-CAP Prover Module, we look forward to helping even more payer organizations improve their data management processes.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you turn complexity into simplicity and drive better results for your organization.