Don’t miss out on Business Process Automation Opportunities

I recently visited one of our current SymKey® for EZ-CAP® clients in the Midwest. We met with our client’s COO for a couple of hours on a Monday morning. She shared with us the exciting activities and long term strategies that their organization has been working on in their efforts of continuous improvement and striving to bring ongoing “value-add” to the physician groups that they manage. As one of their strategic partners, she asked us to work with her operations staff to identify new business process automation opportunities to increase their claims auto-adjudication and the use of our SymKey for EZ-CAP product that they have been licensing for the last 18 months. She just knew that additional opportunities existed. I told her that we are always available and willing to work with our clients on these operational efficiency improvements efforts. We will be scheduling an onsite trip to work with this client in the next one to two months. When our customers further leverage their utilization of SymKey, their return on investment is increased and operational gains are achieved, which results in real bottom line gains.

I like to refer to these efforts as “peeling back the layers of an onion.” Just as someone peels back each layer of an onion to find a new fresh layer, so must operational managers and staff continuously review and identify current manual business processes that can be automated. Historical decisions as to why certain manual processes were established must be revisited and  re-analyzed on a regular basis (every six to 12 months). The justification for the manual process must be questioned and new opportunities must be explored to automate current processes with the use of tools such as SymKey. In today’s health plan/payer operations, there are generally several layers of operational processes and pending of claims that can be reviewed and analyzed on a regular basis to identify the manual processes performed by staff that are either outdated or that can be automated.

HCIM’s support staff and operational consultants are always willing and available to work with our current and prospective clients to identify new opportunities to further utilize SymKey’s automation and consistent processing of claims and authorizations. I am looking forward to going onsite and working with this specific client as a strategic partner to assist them in peeling back new layers of the onion and further increasing the automated-adjudication of claims with SymKey for EZ-CAP!