FAQ: Does SymKey generate the list of claims for the claims batch?

Answer: The answer depends on the kind of batch you’re running. SymKey can generate a list of claims that are considered hard duplicates and can be denied with the SymKey Professional and Hospital Claims modules. Other scenarios available in the Professional, Hospital, and Batch Processing modules require input files created from outside SymKey. Some applications that are used to create these files are Crystal Reports, SQL, and Microsoft Access. Our Virtual Auto-Post module works in concert with PCG Software’s Virtual Examiner and Virtual Reporter applications. 

For the scenarios that require an outside program to create the input file, HCIM offers a number of customizable Crystal Reports that handle many standard situations. If you require specialized reporting, that option can also be discussed and handled directly with HCIM. Many of our clients utilize both standard and custom reports in order to find the claims that SymKey will use.