FAQ: What happens if SymKey stops in the middle of my batch? Can it be restarted?

Answer: SymKey® can be interrupted in the middle of a batch for a number of reasons, either by the user pausing the batch or by network issues creating a communication error between it and EZ-CAP®. It can be restarted very easily. When an interruption occurs, providing that you are still logged into SymKey, a message will be displayed asking if you would like to continue the batch. If you click “Yes,” SymKey will start the batch up again. Clicking “No” will close out the batch and SymKey will consider it completed.

It should be noted that when the batch is continued, SymKey will skip the claim that was interrupted. This is designed to avoid another possible interruption, since the issue may have been caused by a problem with that particular claim. SymKey will continue, starting with the next claim down in the batch file. The skipped claim will be listed in the “Unprocessed Claims” tab in the batch reports, along with the reason why it was skipped.