FAQ: Why do I receive an error when importing a batch file?

Answer: If you receive an error when SymKey is attempting to import a batch file, there is most likely an error in the format of the file. When SymKey imports batch files, it invokes error-checking logic that validates whether or not the batch file has the required or correct information for the selected batch. For example, if your scenario is set for specified lines and you are missing line numbers in your batch file, SymKey will display an error stating such.

If you are using the Batch Processing module, SymKey will validate each header row to ensure that they match fields in EZ-CAP, as well as check to see if the values listed below that row match possible or required values in SymKey.

If your input file contains a typo (i.e. “statsu” instead of “status”):

SymKey will note that there is no header definition for “statsu” and display a message to that effect.