HCIM is Your Trusted Resource for EZ-CAP® System Support

Responsiveness and results are critical to the success of your claims operations. HCIM is the only consulting firm with the history, in-depth application knowledge, and the practical hands-on experience to support your EZ-CAP® Benefit Matrix configuration, fee schedule creation and updates, data analytics and report development, project management, and more.

For nearly 15 years, we have actively supported EZ-CAP® users as an official EZ-CAP® partner. HCIM was the first and only Platinum Sponsor of the EZ-CAP® UCON and continues to devote both time and money to funding local user groups.

Our Team

Our dedicated EZ-CAP® Support Team includes former Citra/MZI EZ-CAP® configuration and system analysts, developers and management personnel. Nobody knows how to support your EZ-CAP® application like we do!

What Makes Us Different

Our specialized health plan payer operations experience and comprehensive knowledge of the EZ-CAP® system sets us apart from all others. We’ve been developing innovative and effective solutions for EZ-CAP® users since 2004, when we released our flagship SymKey® automated robotic claims processor. Our clients recognize the immense value that we have to offer, as nearly 1/3 of all EZ-CAP® users are currently leveraging SymKey® to reduce costs, increase productivity and bridge workflow gaps with 100% accuracy.

You’re Invited!

Did you know that there’s an EZ-CAP® User Group Forum on LinkedIn? It’s designed to allow EZ-CAP® users to collaborate and share helpful tips and tricks. This is a closed group, so if you’d like to join, please email me from your company email and I will approve your membership request.

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