HCIM’s Concierge Consulting for Healthcare Payers Brings Service to a Whole New Level

Since 2000, HCIM has helped healthcare payer organizations achieve their strategic and operational objectives through applied technology and business process optimization. We love to help clients innovate, solve problems, and improve performance in this ever-changing healthcare environment. Our focus is on improving claims operations and achieving technology-enabled transformations. We spend time analyzing the problem, then we conceptualize a solution and guide the client on the right path to reach their goals. Our approach is forward thinking and proactive, encouraging healthcare payers to embrace technological advances to improve quality and efficiency, while at the same time minimizing financial impacts.

We offer a full suite of concierge consulting services, including everything from claims system procurement to go live, testing, and beyond. Our team specializes in claims system implementation and configuration, migrations, data development and conversions, system upgrades, benefits and fee schedules, and reporting. Our Support Team can augment your existing staff and is available when you need assistance with a wide variety of projects, including:

  • Clean up, configuration, and implementation of fees schedules and benefits
  • EDI mapping for health plan and CMS changes (eligibility, claims, 835, etc.)
  • Documentation for system processes (workflows, providers, claims, customer service, etc.)
  • Upgrades, load balancing, and stress testing
  • Data and report analysis and development

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Client Story

When a healthcare payer needed to migrate three different claims systems into one core system, we leveraged our consultants’ extensive knowledge and experience to convert their historical data from all three systems, implement and configure their new system, and re-engineer their businesses processes and workflows using industry best practices. This resulted in new efficiencies and a complete transformation of the client’s operations.

Performance Assurance

We at HCIM pride ourselves on our ability to deliver innovative solutions on time and within budget. We pledge to deliver professional, competent, and affordable consulting services to the agreed-upon specifications or fix it at no additional charge. This means that clients will never be charged more than the price they were quoted for their project to be completed to specification. It will be done right the first time or it will be fixed for free.

We’d Love to Discuss Your Needs

If you need help beginning or completing a project, streamlining your claims operations, optimizing the use of your existing system, or implementing leading edge technology, please complete the form on the sidebar.