Heritage Provider Network Leverages SymKey® Enterprise License

Heritage Provider Network (HPN) is utilizing a SymKey® Enterprise License for all seven of their sites which includes the use of all SymKey® modules (Professional, Hospital, Virtual Auto-Post™) and unlimited processing engines for increased productivity.

“We’re looking for whatever we can do to automate our business processes accurately and without errors. The less we can do manually, without human intervention, and the more we can do with automated computer processing is the way we want to go,” said Scott Bae, SVP of Corporate IS at HPN. “We started with a few companies and kept adding additional SymKey® modules and features. As we were growing in size, it just made sense to secure an Enterprise SymKey® license. The biggest advantage is the fact that we’re able to get through a large volume of changes that would have previously required a manual touch. We’re seeing faster processing times and reduced FTEs.”

As the Senior VP of Information Systems, Scott Bae is continually looking for ways to streamline processes. “We wanted to standardize our processes across the sites because when we have staff turnover, change, or growth, we can accommodate that easily so someone else can just jump in. It’s hard to do that if we don’t have the same tools across all the groups,” said Bae.