Introducing SymKey 4.0

We are pleased to announce the release of SymKey 4.0 for EZ-CAP and PCM with an upgraded Batch Manager interface designed for ease of use. The new functionality provides deeper insight into SymKey usage, flexible data filtering options, easier Robot assignment, and customization options for more intuitive end-user views.

SymKey’s Robots are programmed to process claim batches based on user-defined workflows and business rules.  The Batch Manager is the hub for robotic process automation and with the 4.0 release, includes these powerful new enhancements: 

Batch History
  • Extensive filtering and sorting capabilities
  • Lookup a specific batch number
  • Display Customizations:
    • More columns of information available
    • Columns can be shown or hidden
  • Filters and column layouts can be saved and recalled
    • Screen state automatically saved and restored when logging back in
    • Split batches displayed and reported on as a single batch, with drill-down ability
Batch Reporting
  • Batch detail reports recreated 
  • Ability to copy/paste directly from the report
  • More flexible export options
Batch Queue
  • Display Customizations
    • Columns can be shown or hidden
    • Screen state automatically saved and restored when logging back in
  • Robot assignment function more accessible
  • Smarter automatic “On Hold” that auto-releases the hold

SymKey 4.0 is available now. Here is what one client said about the release:

“This is a game changer! The new Hold Until feature has come in handy. For larger batches, I set a Hold Until a time later in the day after several smaller batches are completed. Also, being able to search for batches, seeing all the breakouts, and having more control over the batches.  It has been awesome!”
Christopher Getz, Production Manager at Southern California Physicians Managed Care Services

SymKey clients can schedule their free upgrade by emailing

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