Reprocessing Previously Paid Historical Claims can be a Piece of Cake!

Oftentimes claims staff put off the dreaded task of manually reprocessing previously paid claims because it can be difficult and time-consuming. Do you ever run into any of the following problems?

  • CMS makes corrections to the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (MPFS) and you must retroactively reprocess Medicare fee-for-service claims
  • Members are identified as retroactively termed after the claims were already paid so those claims need to be reprocessed
  • Claims that were paid to the incorrect/ineligible provider or vendor need to be reprocessed
  • An individual claim line needs to be added, removed, or adjusted on a claim
  • Need to reprice a claim or claim line
  • Need to reverse and adjust a copayment
  • Need to calculate an over/underpayment
  • Need to reprocess claims processed through a third party repricer (APC/DRG)

Payers can utilize HCIM’s SymKey® robotic automation software to make these changes as easy as pie…or cake. For more information, click here or complete the form on the sidebar.

If you’re a current SymKey® client, learn how to reprocess your claims:
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