Tips & Tricks: SymKey’s “set it and forget it” functionality

SymKey’s enhanced user interface and innovative features including the Query Builder, Query Sequencer, and Scheduler, have greatly improved our clients’ productivity. HCIM’s clients rave about the “set it and forget it” functionality that allows them to run SymKey® unattended. The Query feature allows the building of any type of SQL-language report directly within SymKey®, for batch processing of any number of claims processing workflow scenarios. The Sequencer determines the order in which to run multiple queries (based on dependencies), with the option of scheduling the query sequence to run any time, day or night, daily, weekly, monthly, or ad hoc.

The Sequencer processes queries in order, completing each report before going on to the next. This is particularly useful when there are dependencies from one query to the next, such as verifying eligibility, releasing cap claims, denying for timely filing, adjusting claims, etc.  In addition, multiple sequences can be built for nighttime, daytime, check run days, etc. Everyone’s favorite feature is that SymKey® can run virtually unattended to automate claims processing on their unique schedule, without downtime between batches, which provides up to 24/7 productivity.

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