Can BPA help you ditch the Sticky Notes?

During my time spent as an Operations Manager, I remember that my claims processors had sticky notes all over their monitors and cheat sheets that they would use to remind them of manual or special processes for certain providers or members. Not everyone had the same sticky notes, nor did they all have the same handwritten notes on their cheat sheets. This was always an impediment to providing consistent service and claims adjudication results. No matter how hard they tried to remember everything, there was just too much to remember for all the claims they encountered on any given day. As Operations management staff, we were always on the lookout for tools that would allow us to automate our business processes.

When I first saw the rudimentary running of the precursor to SymKey®, I knew that it could lead to the Business Process Automation (BPA) tool that I had been looking for and desperately needed. I immediately envisioned what has since become SymKey, a tool that has been in use by over 20+ clients in the past five years. HCIM has worked to expand our BPA vision to our other software solutions and services (ScanClaims™, Appeals Manager™, and other HCIM custom software applications) that are in current use by our clients throughout the managed care/payer industry, and on multiple platforms.

HCIM’s BPA solutions and services are cost-effective, user friendly, easy to implement, and provide both real productivity gains and a tangible return on investment. I invite others with my similar operation experiences to check out HCIM’s BPA solutions and services. You too can have the tools to eliminate the sticky notes and handwritten cheat sheets in your office.