Tips & Tricks: Simple Switches to Improve Your Bottom Line

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay is expected to save between $5,000 and $10,000 every year by changing their default e-mail font. Read more >>

Switch your Font
Research has found that switching from Arial to Century Gothic for printing will result in a 31% ink savings. How much could you save by switching the font on reports and forms that you regularly print?

Use Draft Print Quality
Changing your printer’s default settings to Draft printing quality can also save a lot of ink, and you could always switch back to Normal quality for documents that require it.

Print Less
Of course, printing less will also save money, which is why operational assessments are necessary to ensure that you don’t waste ink and paper.

Work Smarter to Beat the Budget Crunch
Simple and quick changes such as these could save your organization enough money to make it through the annual budget crunch. Just sit back and silently see the savings. HCIM’s team of expert consultants specializes in operational and workflow assessments in the managed care payer industry. Complete the contact form located on the sidebar for more information.