CEO Insight: Healthcare Trends to Watch

The healthcare payer landscape changes almost daily and it can be hard to see the forest through the proverbial trees. It’s easy to get focused on the day to day and miss important trends that may have significant impact down the road. As we look to the future, it’s important to keep these key trends […]

Core System Replacement Considerations for Healthcare Payers

New payment methods, accountable care, consumerism and an increasing demand for effective subscriber engagement and management (which disrupts traditional operating models in the small to mid-sized payer market) are placing enormous pressure on providers to innovate and improve operational efficiency. Outdated core legacy systems may hinder a payer’s ability to respond rapidly to this evolving […]

CEO Insight: Obstacle or Opportunity? Three hurdles facing healthcare payers

These are challenging times for healthcare payers. Increasing aging populations, pressure to cut costs, and a focus on quality is requiring everyone to do more with less. By facing these challenges head-on, we can turn these obstacles into opportunity. It is through continued innovation and experimentation that we will improve health care delivery in this […]

Colleagues Serve up Fun at New Haven Summer Social

This past August, HCIM Colleagues gathered from across the country for corporate meetings and our annual giveback event in Houston, TX. This year, we hosted a summer social for residents of Star of Hope’s New Haven program, a permanent housing and support ministry for those diagnosed with mental illness and/or substance abuse disorder. Our Colleagues […]

The Long Journey Ahead

The healthcare industry remains fractured, divided and entrenched in a bitter political battle. The access and delivery of care is broken and unsustainable. To fix health care, we need a well thought out solution with all parties coming together for the greater good, rather than the short sighted “Repeal and Replace Obamacare” campaign promise that […]

A Call to Purposeful Leadership

As a President & CEO, I’m calling on our country’s elected officials to lead with purpose and passion. One of the many values that HCIM’s culture is built upon is the need for “Purposeful Work” and “Purposeful Leadership.” We define Purposeful Work as the need to serve a cause greater than ourselves, to connect with the […]

2016 HCIM All Colleague Meeting and Annual Giveback Raises the Bar!

What sets HCIM apart is our culture and our people. The organization is comprised of individuals who are all passionately committed to the success of our clients and the healthcare industry as a whole. We don’t believe in the status quo and as an example of this, the architecture of our company is a virtual […]

HCIM’s New Year’s Resolution: Give More!

With the holiday season drawing to a close and the New Year upon us, it’s natural to look back on the last year and reflect on things we’ve done well and identify some areas where improvement might be necessary. It’s an opportunity to look forward to the coming year and visualize what you plan to […]

HCIM Presents Wounded Warrior Project with 15 Days of Giving Donation

During HCIM’s July 2015 15th anniversary celebration, we asked our clients and colleagues to vote over the course of 15 days for which of the 15 featured charities they wanted HCIM to make a donation to, with the top three charities receiving a cash donation. Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) received the most votes, so on […]

HCIM Puts Thanks into Action by Providing Thanksgiving Meals

While most celebrate Thanksgiving by enjoying a bountiful harvest surrounded by warmth and loved ones, it’s important to remember those who are less fortunate. HCIM’s commitment to providing for those in need is central to our corporate culture. In order to put our thanks into action, HCIM made a donation to a local food bank […]