FAQ: Can SymKey move claims within EZ-CAP to a status beyond 3?

Answer: SymKey for EZ-CAP is designed to work within EZ-CAP’s Professional and Hospital claims modules. As a result, it is able to automate the moving of claims that are in status 1-7 to a status 1 or 3. It can also reprocess status 9 claims by creating a new claim number, entering all related detail line information, and placing them in a status 3. Moving a claim to a status 5 or beyond, however, requires the use of EZ-CAP’s Payment Processing module. Although SymKey is not designed for the EZ-CAP Payment Processing module, HCIM developed the SymKey for EZ-CAP Move 1 to 5 Kwik Utility, which automates the moving of a list of claim numbers from a status 1 to a status 5.

If you do not already have the SymKey Move 1 to 5 Kwik Utility and would like more information, please contact HCIM Product Support at support@hcim.com or complete the contact form located on the sidebar.