07/14/2010: HCIM Announces Milestone 10th Anniversary

WALNUT CREEK, Calif. – July 14, 2010 – HealthCare Information Management, Inc. (HCIM), a nationally recognized managed care information technology software and consulting services firm specializing in Business Process Automation (BPA), announces its milestone 10th anniversary today. On July 14, 2000, five managed care operations and information technology experts founded HCIM with the goal of addressing the complexities of the managed care payer industry with a combination of consulting services and automated software solutions.

Co-founder Michael E. Wilson brings a wealth of operational and industry system expertise to his role as President and CEO of HCIM. According to Wilson:

The other co-founders and I started HCIM so we could bring our hands-on operational experience to the marketplace, leveraging our collective expertise in a way that would create a win-win situation for our company, colleagues, clients, and affiliates.

Today, HCIM’s products and services are sought out in the industry and are recognized for their value, immediate results, and return on investment. Our Colleagues are experienced industry veterans that understand the daily needs and pains of our customers. Our Colleagues are the foundation upon which HCIM’s success has been built and I look forward to continuing this successful journey with them for years to come.

Co-founder Jeffrey M. Hall, SVP and Group Director of Consulting Services, came to HCIM with a strong background in reporting services and managed care core claims system consulting. Hall said:

We founded HCIM 10 years ago with the basic belief that enduring relationships are built on responsiveness, respect, and awareness of each other’s needs. 10 years later these words, incorporated into our Mission Statement, ring truer than ever. HCIM has enjoyed long, trust-built relationships with our clients and many of today’s leading payer applications. Our partners recognize the advantage of working with a company that shares their beliefs and values. In addition, our clients and payer partners continue to choose HCIM’s consultants for the value-added knowledge and experience that each consultant brings to the table.

Co-founder Thomas J. Streeter, SVP and Director of Technical Development, specializes in reporting and custom application development at HCIM. Streeter recalled:

When we founded HCIM in 2000, we had simple aspirations of building a healthcare-focused consultancy and software development company. The five founders agreed that we would build a business based on integrity and providing the very best services and best-of-breed products, to benefit our healthcare payer clients. We also committed to developing long-term relationships with every one of our clients.

Our 10 years of business has demonstrated that we have been able to maintain those long-term relationships, even retaining our original clients for nine to 10 years, to date. In these past 10 years we have added to our previous healthcare payer experience, refined our consulting services, and expanded our ever-improving products. We greatly value every one of our HCIM Colleagues, fostering an environment of trust, creative thinking, and innovative solutions. I am looking forward to the next 10 years, as we continue to expand our services and product offerings to our healthcare clients.

HCIM’s Executive Team has been rounded out by Gregory K. Merica, Director of Product Integration and developer of the ScanClaims™ product suite that was acquired by HCIM in Nov. 2003. Merica said:

I am forever grateful that we at HCIM have been given the opportunity to do what we love for 10 years. We are incredibly blessed with our great clients and we wouldn’t be here 10 days without them. With so many corporations using our products and services, I feel a sense of accomplishment and am reassured that we are doing things right. I look forward to continuing to solve the ever-changing challenges that our clients face.

About HCIM
Incorporated in July 2000, HCIM delivers technology solutions and consulting services to the managed care/payer industry. HCIM offers many innovative software solutions, including the SymKey®, ScanClaims™, and Appeals Manager™ product suites, which increase productivity by automating and tracking the adjudication of claims, authorizations, appeals, and provider dispute resolutions.

HCIM’s trained professional consultants offer payer software application implementation services such as database development, database analysis, custom report development, custom software development, testing, and the interface and integration of third party applications. HCIM’s industry-experienced consulting group also offers operational consulting services, including workflow analysis, organizational review, business process reengineering, realignment of resources, training, conversions, system configuration, and business rules configuration. HCIM’s veteran consultants are well equipped to help clients achieve optimal efficiency in such areas as claims processing, utilization management, HIPAA compliancy, and EDI.

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