FAQ: How can we expand our use of SymKey to handle more claims?

Answer: This is a four-step process:

  1. Identify the type of claims that you would like to target (i.e. denying claims that exceed a timely filing threshold).
  2. Define what claims fall into this scenario (i.e. timely filing claims may be in-network providers as defined by the “ZZZ” in the Provider Contract field, where the date received is more than 180 days after the DOS).
  3. Create a report of claims for input into a SymKey scenario or Batch Processing.
  4. Test the report and scenario configuration in SymKey.

At any step along the way, HCIM’s expert Product Support team is available to field questions, offer advice, or work with you to complete the entire process. Contact HCIM Product Support at support@hcim.com or complete the contact form located on the sidebar.