HCIM’s Co-Founders Celebrate 10 Years of Service as HCIM Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Today, HCIM celebrates the 10th anniversary of three of its co-founders, Michael Wilson (President & CEO), Jeffrey Hall (SVP and Group Director, Consulting Services), and Thomas Streeter (SVP, Technical Development).  10 years ago, these three gentlemen set out with a mission to establish a company that would provide the best advice, products, services and support within the healthcare information technology/managed care industry. Today, HCIM continues to set goals and achieve results that will grow the company while staying true to the original vision and tenants of its founders.

HCIM’s family of Colleagues would like to take this opportunity to thank Mike, Jeff, and Tom for their 10 years of dedication and service to HCIM. HCIM’s growth and success is truly a reflection of their tremendous leadership, which is certain to continue driving HCIM to the forefront of its industry.