FAQ: How do I configure how SymKey responds to certain EZ-CAP system error/warning messages?

Answer: In SymKey® v. 1.31 and later, only Admin level users have sufficient security rights to configure or change how SymKey responds to EZ-CAP® system error/warning messages. From the SymKey main menu, click the “EZ-CAP Messages” link under the Configuration section. This will open a window that shows every message that SymKey has encountered while running EZ-CAP. There are three sections in the window:

The Title section shows which EZ-CAP subsystem generated the message.
The Message section displays the specific EZ-CAP error or warning.
The Action section is a drop-down menu that displays how SymKey will respond to receiving that message and is the only editable area of the window.

If you would like to change the Action for a given message, click the drop-down arrow next to the appropriate action and select one of the two options: Pend or Ignore. When you are finished with your changes, simply close the window.