Successful Joint ikaSystems Implementation/MC400 History Conversion Project

HCIM and IBA Healthcare Consultants, Inc. teamed up to bring a new client live with ikaSystems in only 60 days, which included converting the client’s historical data from a legacy MC400 system. This joint implementation effort successfully created over 1,300 benefit plans, migrated over 2,000 providers along with their related contracts, and migrated multiple years of historical eligibility, claims, and authorizations into the client’s new ikaClaims system.

“One of the key factors to our success stems from our deep systems and extensive operational managed care experience. We were able to quickly understand the client’s business requirements and architect ikaSystems to support current operations, integrate historical data structures, and support the client’s long term growth plans as well,” said David Lontok, President of IBA Healthcare Consultants, Inc., an HCIM business affiliate.

“Not only did we have to learn ikaSystems, but we also had to understand the MC400 data to appropriately map it to the ikaClaims table structure. I’m really proud of the work we accomplished in the short time period and look forward to continuing to work with IBA Healthcare Consultants in the future,” said Jeffrey Hall, SVP and Group Director of Consulting Services at HCIM.