Get a Quick and Easy Productivity Boost with Kwik Actions™

Kwik Actions is a scaled-down version of SymKey® for Claims that increases the efficiency and productivity of claims operations staff by automating routine tasks. Kwik Actions are customized “hotkeys” that users may utilize on demand to perform a predetermined set of screen navigation actions such as keystrokes, mouse clicks, database queries, and interfacing between multiple applications. Some Kwik Actions commonly used by our healthcare payer and managed care organization clients include:

  • Display a scanned claim image
  • Display a scanned authorization image
  • Eligibility: authorization search
  • Eligibility: claims search
  • Eligibility research on health plan site and capture webpage image
  • Copy claim information and enter into an online DRG grouper web service for pricing

All of the above Kwik Actions are completed by pressing a simple hotkey combination. These are only a few examples of the many processes that can be performed with Kwik Actions, and the possibilities are endless as any set of repetitive manual steps in a software application is a candidate for automation by Kwik Actions.

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