Back to the Future has Nothing on SymKey® Robots!

2015 came and went, but unfortunately many of the Back to the Future II predictions for life in 2015 have not come to fruition. No self-drying clothes or flying cars. We still have to pump our own gas and locate the closest waste receptacle because robots have not been invented to perform those tasks yet. We do however have robotic technology available for automated vacuuming and driving (this one still scares me). There have even been great advances in robotic surgery technology and robotic prosthetics à la Terminator.

The typical robot consists of a machine paired with a controller of some sort in order to harness human intelligence, but great strides have been made recently in artificial intelligence which allows robots to perform tasks without human intervention. This artificial intelligence is developed using preconfigured rules and workflows that allow robots to process information and turn it into actionable data. This capability is enabling innovative individuals and corporations alike to be far more productive because it delegates their tedious and repetitive work to robots. It’s kind of like training your dog to fetch the newspaper for you, but much, much better.

Some software companies have recently begun developing automation tools, but these prototypes are often quite rudimentary, lacking the necessary intelligence to be truly useful. Like any great invention, robotic automation can take years to develop, refine, and enhance in order to become an invaluable tool. Here at HCIM, we have been producing powerful and flexible robotic automation solutions for over 14 years, in the form of our SymKey® product line.

We call SymKey® our virtual claims processor, but it really does so much more in the form of robotic automation for processing health care claims and authorizations, auto-loading benefit plans, determining eligibility, loading provider contracts, and automating other routine tasks just as a user would on the frontend of nine different benefit administration systems. Over 40 healthcare payer and managed care organizations have benefited from the use of SymKey®, which allows them to process more claims and authorizations using less FTEs for significant time and cost savings. These clients have learned to work smarter, not harder.

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