HCIM Issues Groundbreaking Performance Assurance Pledge

HCIM has just raised the bar in healthcare payer consulting services with a groundbreaking Performance Assurance pledge. We pledge to deliver professional, competent, and affordable consulting services to the agreed-upon specifications or fix it at no additional charge. This means that clients will never be charged more than the price they were quoted for their project to be completed to specification.

After hearing of healthcare payer organizations that were hit hard with consulting cost overruns due to misconfiguration by inexperienced IT consultants, I began to wonder why they were forced to pay more to get the job done right the second time around. That’s why we at HCIM decided to formally pledge that it will be done right the first time or it will be fixed for free. This means no more living with inefficient systems and clunky manual workarounds, no more budget overages to get the job done right. This is what healthcare payers deserve. My goal is that this will open the door for other consultancies to follow suit and offer the same assurance, marking the end of IT consulting cost overruns for healthcare payer organizations.

HCIM’s unique partnership with the industry’s leading core transaction system vendors gives our consultants unprecedented access to system training and certification, so they are always a step ahead. These relationships also give us unrestricted direct access to the vendor’s product and technical support teams for a faster, more accurate resolution. Rest assured that HCIM’s consultants have the practical hands-on experience and in-depth payer industry knowledge to deliver innovative solutions on time and within budget.  Performance Assurance is just one of HCIM’s contributions to help reduce the cost of today’s healthcare by bringing down associated administrative costs. Working together and doing it right the first time will have a real and tangible impact.

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Jeffrey Hall
Director, Business Development – Services
HealthCare Information Management, Inc.