How to Achieve a Healthy Work-Life Balance as a Professional Consultant

Consultants in the healthcare insurance industry are often met with awe when discussing their travel requirements and must battle the common misconception that they live a jet-set lifestyle resembling something straight out of a celebrity reality TV show. But this is simply not the case. Between busy airports and over-crowded airplanes, just making it to your destination can be a challenge of epic proportions. After a while, hotels begin to run together in an endless stream of generic wallpaper and colorful commercial grade carpet.

It’s easy to become jaded when faced with the grueling demands of a travel schedule that consumes 6-15 hours per week, but it’s a worthwhile investment because it ensures that client relationships are developed and communication channels remain open. Face-to-face time allows for certain objectives to be accomplished that would be hard to do otherwise.

HCIM typically utilizes a one-week onsite, one-week offsite schedule for consulting projects. This approach to accommodate a healthy work-life balance serves to benefit our clients and consultants alike in terms of cost savings, work productivity, and quality of life. Our clients are billed for less travel costs and our consultants are able to spend less time traveling. The remote weeks boost morale and provide much-needed rest that allows our consultants to recharge and refocus so they can operate at optimum performance levels. Our consultants are adept at managing a well-coordinated schedule that takes advantage of face-to-face time while onsite and working on less in-person collaborative tasks while working remotely, which leads to greater efficiencies throughout the project cycle.

Being a traveling consultant provides unique opportunities for adventure-seeking professionals in search of a challenge. According to one of HCIM’s veteran consultants, Amy Coon, “The hotel where you’re staying becomes a home away from home. You get to explore great places that you wouldn’t get to otherwise. I never would have imagined I’d have a job like this – the work is very hard but the rewards are amazing.”

Another HCIM consultant, Kathy Rich, states that “One of the benefits of the position is getting to see the little things that make each region special. And then when you get to go home, you truly appreciate the time you have there as well. An added bonus is that because the marketplace in this industry is very small, you will work with the same people over and over, so you’re able to build lasting relationships.”

Jeffrey Hall

Executive Vice President, Professional Solutions
HCIM Co-Founder