SymKey Wins 2014 Most Valuable Processor (MVP)

HCIM’s flagship SymKey® business process automation solution has had another banner year of processing professional and hospital claims. To see what kind of impact SymKey® had in 2014, we compiled statistics in a limited survey of 18 of our SymKey® clients. We found that for these clients alone in 2014, SymKey® achieved a return on investment of approximately $5 million by processing over 4 million claims and completing the equivalent workload of 128 full time claims processing staff. Congratulations to our clients that are capitalizing on this automation technology to streamline their workflows for greater efficiency and lower costs!

At HCIM, we like to think of SymKey® as a Virtual Claims Processor who works 24/7, is 6 to 8 times faster than its human counterpart, accurate and consistent, a team player, and a quick learner. SymKey® has an immediate impact on reducing the cost of claims processing while increasing your auto-adjudication rate. When it comes to processing healthcare claims, SymKey® is the perfect Virtual Claims Processor for the job and is available on a free 30-day trial basis.

With the increased need for administrative efficiencies due to ACA required cost containment, automation technology is a must. These 2014 statistics show how SymKey® is accomplishing these administrative savings and doing an amazing job. If you’re interested in utilizing business process automation technology to lower your claims processing costs, complete the contact form located on the sidebar.

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Thomas Streeter

Senior Vice President, Product Solutions
HCIM Co-Founder