How Will ICD-10 Affect your Business?

CMS’ July 12, 2012 News Update on “Steps to Assess How the ICD-10 Transition will Affect your Organization” reinforces what HCIM and AXIOM explained in our “ICD-10’s Impact on your Business” webinar series:

  • Even if the ICD-10 deadline is delayed, it’s still critical to continue with the implementation in order to not lose momentum and leave plenty of time for testing.
  • An ICD-10 impact assessment is essential to identifying exactly how your organization will be affected by the ICD-10 code sets, including:
    –  Documentation revisions
    –  Staff training on new codes and processes
    –  Reimbursement model review and updates
    –  Technology and claims system compatibility
    –  Vendor contract and systems updates
    –  Business process and workflow revisions
    –  Time required for implementation and testing
    –  Additional resources required
  • A thorough impact assessment will help your organization to establish a solid implementation plan and avoid costly mistakes.

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