ICD-10 Myth Buster: Is the ICD-10 implementation really just a simple code mapping effort?

Many people still believe that the new ICD-10 CM and PCS code set transition from ICD-9-CM will simply involve one-to-one mapping, but it will also require one-to-many general equivalency mappings (GEMs). This will require analysis, system reconfiguration, and thorough staff training.

One-To-Many Example

With the new ICD-10 coding, sports injuries will be coded with the sport and reason for the injury. Here’s the difference between ICD-9 and ICD-10 coding for sports injuries:

ICD-9 Code

  • Striking against or struck accidentally in sports without subsequent fall (E917.0)

ICD-10-CM Detail Codes

  • W21.00 Struck by hit or thrown ball, unspecified type
  • W21.01 Struck by football
  • W21.02 Struck by soccer ball
  • W21.03 Struck by baseball
  • W21.04 Struck by golf ball
  • W21.05 Struck by basketball
  • W21.06 Struck by volleyball
  • W21.07 Struck by softball
  • W21.09 Struck by other hit or thrown ball
  • W21.31 Struck by shoe cleats Stepped on by shoe cleats
  • W21.32 Struck by skate blades Skated over by skate blades
  • W21.39 Struck by other sports foot wear
  • W21.4 Striking against diving board
  • W21.11 Struck by baseball bat
  • W21.12 Struck by tennis racquet
  • W21.13 Struck by golf club
  • W21.19 Struck by other bat, racquet or club
  • W21.210 Struck by ice hockey stick
  • W21.211 Struck by field hockey stick
  • W21.220 Struck by ice hockey puck
  • W21.221 Struck by field hockey puck
  • W21.81 Striking against or struck by football  helmet
  • W21.89 Striking against or struck by other sports equipment
  • W21.9 Striking against or struck by unspecified sports equipment

That’s right, there are 24 possible ICD-10-CM detail codes to represent sports injuries, compared to only one ICD-9 sports injury code. This is just one of many examples that busts the myth that this is a simple one-to-one mapping effort.

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