Managed Care Systems Increases Productivity with the SymKey® Benefit Plan Loader for QNXT™

Open Enrollment is upon all of us this year and the annual challenge of building and maintaining all the benefit plans for the upcoming year begins. HCIM’s SymKey® Benefit Plan Loader for QNXT (SymKey® BPL) provides you with an automated solution for building and editing your benefit plans. The SymKey® BPL extracts benefit plan information from QNXT directly into validated spreadsheet templates. Edits for the new plan year are easily updated in the spreadsheet and then loaded into QNXT using SymKey’s advanced automation engine, providing accurate and consistent auto-loading of benefit plans and terms.

“The SymKey® Benefit Plan Loader for QNXT saves us 65% to 70% of the time previously spent manually loading benefit plans, and it is incredibly accurate. The loader is easy to use – the most complicated part is figuring out what you want to do with it! And the built-in spreadsheet is great for organizing all the benefit data. It’s a big help and a huge timesaver,” said Melissa Monsibais, Manager of Configuration at Managed Care Systems, LLC.

Managed Care Systems, LLC has greatly benefited from using the SymKey® BPL, which they have integrated into their benefit plan building process, not only for new benefit plans during open enrollment, but also to make edits to existing benefit plans throughout the year.

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