Spotlight on Choice Medical Group

Choice Medical Group signed a 3-year license for the SymKey® 1.31 for EZ-CAP® 5.x Professional Claims module and Virtual Auto-Post™ module in July 2012. Choice originally decided to pursue HCIM’s 30-day SymKey trial in June 2012 to see if it could help them to auto-adjudicate Professional claims and reduce their manual processes. They decided to license SymKey after they saw how fast it processed their claims and realized that they’d be able to do more with less staff and greater accuracy.

“My favorite SymKey feature is how fast Symkey auto-adjudicated thousands of claims in an hour according to our specific needs. We saved at least 1-2 FTEs and expect to realize additional cost savings when we’re able to schedule our reports,” said Christina Ortiz, Claims Auditor at Choice Medical Group. “Virtual Auto-Post™ saved lots of time by not having to review every single CCI edit pulled by Virtual Examiner/Virtual Reporter – SymKey automatically applied the adjustment reason codes and denied claims as instructed.”

At Choice Medical Group, the claims team endearingly refers to SymKey as a person. “SymKey’s an asset to our team and is really an ideal employee because it’s incredibly efficient, always does what it’s told, never calls in sick, and won’t ever quit on us. SymKey has allowed us to automate a high volume of claims so our processors can focus on higher priorities and more complex tasks,” said Blair Bryson, IPA Administrator at Choice Medical Group.

“It’s been an easy weekly check run for me,” said Myrna Javier, Claims Manager at Choice Medical Group.

“We’re very satisfied with SymKey and would like to note that Greg Merica has been very helpful and is always available when we need his assistance,” said Ortiz.