SymKey 3.0 for EZ-CAP Functionality

SymKey® 3.0 for EZ-CAP® versions 5.x and 6.x is now available and includes a new user interface with a Batch Manager, Listener, Scheduler, and Query Builder functionality. HCIM will demonstrate the SymKey 3.0 for EZ-CAP application at the Oct. 4-5, 2012 EZ-CAP WRUG Conference in Huntington Beach, Calif.

The new Batch Manager allows users to manage a queue of jobs by easily reprioritizing, suspending, and restarting batches, similar to how a printer queue works. If a SymKey batch fails for any reason, SymKey will restart EZ-CAP and then restart the SymKey batch where it left off. If the batch cannot be run after three attempts, SymKey will automatically suspend the batch and proceed to the next SymKey batch in the queue. A suspended batch can be restarted later.

The SymKey Listener continuously monitors a specified folder for files to import and queue in the Batch Manager. This allows users to seamlessly import and queue batches from Batch Processing files, Crystal Reports, and other ad hoc reporting tools, providing backward compatibility with past versions of SymKey.

The new Scheduler allows users to schedule batches for SymKey to run at any time, day or night, without further user intervention. The built-in SymKey Query Builder can replace or supplement Crystal Reports, and other query tools, by extracting claims from EZ-CAP and creating a SQL Statement to run.

Existing SymKey clients who would like to be upgraded to SymKey 3.0 will receive the Batch Manager and Listener enhancements free of charge, while the optional Scheduler and Query Builder will be available as additional add-on utilities. For more information about SymKey 3.0, please complete the form on the sidebar.