Industry Trend to Reduce Operating Costs and Gain Operational Efficiencies

During the first part of this new year, we have experienced increased inquiries and requests for product demos of our SymKey® product solution. In fact, we licensed one new SymKey® for EZ-CAP® client last month and are currently working on licensing arrangements with two prospective new clients. I believe this increased interest is due to SymKey’s ability to deliver immediate results and significant bottom line Return On Investment (ROI) in automating manual claims processing and auto-adjudication of claims within the many managed care/health care payer core transaction systems that SymKey integrates with. There are increased demands to reduce operating costs and gain operational efficiencies while experiencing reductions in membership and/or reduced premium revenues in many segments of today’s managed care/health plan payor market. HCIM’s SymKey product and other product solutions deliver on these expectations for our clients.

We look forward to working with our new SymKey clients on improving their company’s performance and bottom line results in 2010. I encourage all interested parties to review the content in our Products and Services web pages and to contact us by completing the contact form located on the sidebar or email to further pursue the immediate cost saving and ROI results provided by all of HCIM’s product and services solutions.