What is the difference between ICD-9 and ICD-10?

In many ways, ICD-10-CM is quite similar to ICD-9-CM. The guidelines, conventions, and rules are very similar. The organization of the codes is also very similar. Anyone who is qualified to code ICD-9-CM should be able to easily make the transition to coding ICD-10-CM. Many improvements have been made to coding in ICD-10-CM. For example, […]

HCIM CEO Quoted in Article about the Benefits of ICD-10

HCIM President & CEO, Michael Wilson, was recently interviewed for “The Benefits of ICD-10 to Medical Practices” article written by Shelly K. Schwartz and published in Physicians Practice: For all the doomsday predictions surrounding ICD-10, it’s easy to forget that the complex new coding system slated to go live next year is designed to deliver, […]

ICD-10 is only 365 days away!!!

There’s officially only one year left before the ICD-10 compliance deadline and CMS has no plans to extend the date, so it’s time to get moving! Although the extra year from the ICD-10 extension was intended to give payers and providers time for more testing, many healthcare payer organizations haven’t begun implementing ICD-10 yet. ICD-10 […]

CMS Releases 2014 ICD-10-PCS Guidelines, Code Tables and Index

On May 17, 2013, CMS released the 2014 ICD-10-PCS Materials, including guidelines, code tables, index, what’s new, a quick reference guide, and more. On October 1, 2014, ICD-10-PCS will replace ICD-9-CM, Volume 3, for coding inpatient procedures. Of course, CPT codes will still be used for outpatient procedures and services.

CMS also clarified that there will be no national requirement for the reporting of ICD-10-CM codes in Chapter 20, External Causes of Morbidity, although providers are encouraged to voluntarily report external cause codes. However, as with ICD-9-CM, providers may still be required to report ICD-10-CM external cause codes by their state or payer(s).

New CMS ICD-10 Implementation Guide for Payers

On March 13, 2013, CMS issued an updated ICD-10 Implementation Guide for Payers, which details why we’re transitioning to ICD-10, gives an overview of ICD-10 and its benefits, outlines the difference between ICD-9 and ICD-10, and explains how to implement the ICD-10 code set. CMS recommends breaking down the ICD-10 implementation project into six phases: […]

Yikes! What’s all this about ACA Operating Rules???

Did you know that if you’re a HIPAA-covered entity, you could be faced with hefty fines if you’re not compliant with Phase I of the ACA Operating Rules by April 1, 2013? If you’re still a little hazy on the ACA Operating Rules requirements, we can help. Regardless of where you’re at now, our deep […]

CMS Announces 90-Day Enforcement Discretion Period for Operating Rules

CMS announced on Jan. 2, 2013, that they will not initiate enforcement action on the new Eligibility and Claims Status Operating Rules until March 31, 2013. However, the compliance date for using the operating rules remains January 1, 2013. This 90-day grace period is a result of feedback suggesting that a majority of HIPAA covered entities […]